Happy Fathers Day to Abah Sayang

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To a very wonderful and marvelous abah,

Happy fathers day. We love you so so much. You're truly one and only super dad for us. We hope you will be success in whatever you do and going to do in the future. We pray for your best and happiness along the way with us.

Hugs and kisses from

Super Nazhan

Chubby Iris

Chubby Iris again
your sweet and sour wife


Handmade dress for Iris

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Dress otter to become blouse
Not fit anymore( kesian Iris bila pakai macam sarung nangka ja)

Long velvet dress

Model wearing it

Peasant dress to wear with tight

*Future: Blouse for ibu


Iris @ 4 months plus

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My girl is still chubby. Hehe, make me always want to smell, kiss and bite her cheek. And she loves and laugh when i do it. She is 6.4kg last time i checked. She can grasps her feet now. However, she hardly wants to turn from tummy to back or vice verse. Maybe just once each i saw she did it. She also drools a lot.

Now she likes to demand to pick her up especially when she can't see me or her brother. I guess, she already realize that, sometimes we leave her behind and go out. Starting this week i have guts to bring she and her brother out by car. I will put her on my brother's baby car seat on the back and Nazhan in front in his car seat as well.

Iris always a good girl when i'm driving. I'm so lucky to have these 2 beautiful and cool children.

Good girl Iris

Exhausted Nazhan


School at early age

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My boy is taking a big move in his childhood life. He finally enroll in a school called Star Khaliff. He is the youngest one there. I'm so proud of him. Although this is the first time being apart from me, he is not crying at all.

I hope this new enviroment will develop his language ability soon. A bonus point if he can absorb what the teachers trying to nurture there.

First day to school

My husband and me made this desicion although we are not ready in money point of view. Really hope that I can work something else to generate extra income for us. My belief is by mingle with kids his age, he can talk when he heard others talking.

When we at home, I hardly can get his attention and when I get him, he doesn't want to follow what I said. However when there are kids around, he will try to communicate or imitate them. That's my Nazhan.

Second day to school. So cool..