Bali Trip

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We went to Bali, Indonesia few weeks ago. It was a big family holiday trip and that was the main reason why ibu and I stayed in Penang at the first place. Abah only joined us few days before Raya Haji. It was really a wonderful vacation for 17 of my family members and it even more special since i rarely meet my cousins, uncles and aunties.

In Bali, we also celebrated Tokwan Ahmad 57th and Paklong 31st birthday. We visited few exciting places there. I had my first experience boating when we went to Pulau Turtle. It was awesome. The island was like a mini zoo where we were allowed to take pictures with animals such as turtle, snake and few types of birds.

We when to Bali Safari and Marine Park as well. It was superb. I could see a lot of animals and the best part they were really close to my eyes. My parents took a lot of picture of the animals and it will be my encyclopedia soon.

After that, we proceed to the fun site where for the 1st time i played in the pool. Its so scary so i cried most of the time. Hehe.. There were also other babies but they were so cool. Anak mat salleh, biasalahkan.

To go around the Bali island, we rent a scooter.  I could not remember how many times i fall asleep on it when we had a ride and that cause my parents to cancel their plan few times.

Thats all i can remember about my trip..a loooott of animals. I really thank God because we safely arrived home in Miri now despite all the booming issues. I hope that every single food that go into our mouths were Halal and i cant wait to go holiday again.


I'm Full

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I want to grow up to be a good son to abah and ibu. All these time, i'm very well mannered and not to forget handsome as well. I'm very rare to get sick because i have a very healthy lifestyle. :D That means i use my daily time very much to do physical and mental activities. I explore every inch of our house by myself, kicking ball with the help of my parents and enjoy weather forecast and ads on tv. When they read a book or recite Al-Quran, i will join them happily. I also have enough sleep and that make ibu enough rest daily. In short, i spend my valuable time to the fullest.

As i'm very healthy boy, i manage to gain weight every time we do a check up. Dr. Philip in Miri also fine with that. It became a big issue as i did not grow much physically compared to other kids. I only 7.4kg at 11 months check up while my birth weight was 2.9kg. Its not because i dont like to eat but i'm just full and very much in love with my ibu's delicious creamy milk. Besides, thats so much things that need my attention.

Very well. Here to whom it may concern. Dont worry very much about me and please dont compare me to other kiddos. I'm just as unique as my name :D . I dont want to walk yet simply because i like to be carry. Am i smart or what? I dont like to eat much just because i'm already full. i dont talk much because i have to do a lot of thinking all the time.

To ibu i love u so much. i'm so sorry for wasting your time preparing my food but instead i just eat two spoons of them. Please dont give up on me. I know one day i will love your handmade cook as abah always said you're very good cooker.