Combat Boy

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At the age of 6 and half months, you able to climb the playpen so its time for us to take out the infant level. You surely a little bit frustrated because you just wanted to show off suddently the privilage was taken out. Like being downgraded haa.. langsung tak boleh tayang muka dah. However, we have allow you to explore the room area. Before ni, berabuk sangat sebab tu tak kasi turun. Lagipun, all the pillows' and comforters' fences can be broken by you so it's not save to leave you alone on bed anymore. got me

Not just the upper level, almost every cerok at downstairs had been conquered. The different level between dining hall and living room pun dah boleh panjat. The only area that ibu straightly restrict is the kichen because we ourselves wear seliper around it. So, if you want to enter the kichen by your own, master the walking first.

Whenever i'm cooking and you appear, i have to put you on your chair and you will supervise untill i'm done or you get bored. Ha ha, hopefully you'll absorb all the cooking details that i explained and cook for me soon.

ibu, standby..nk tumbang ni

Currently, you're able to stand with support. Oh, you still dun get your own laptop as for the time being you enjoy exploring real things rather than playing with toys. I also encourage you to play with cardboard box while testing your imagination.

We still wondering wether to get you a walker or not. It seems like you're not gonna use it for long time as you're quite an achiever. So should we just borrow it from your other friends who already passed the stage. Huhu..



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anak abah coang ni

Last Saturday we when to Luak Esplanade for a short picnic. It became short because we spent a lot of time before that at Bintang Plaza :D and had to rush home for Zohor prayer...ish ish ish..

We tapau Pizza Hut and had late lunch during the picnic. Nazhan already tired when we arrived because of a long shopping moment and only had a very short nap on the way to the beach.

this is my family

Hmm..the wind was hembus-hembus sahaja compare to our last visit. Berpeluh anak ibu even lepak tepi pantai. However we still had fun and definitely go again. We love having this kind of family time and Miri has its advantageous because there are few places that suit such family gathering compare to its lack of shopping complexs.

saya tgh bz ni abah, xleh pandang camera

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Ayam Masak Tomato

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Ayam masak tomato

-bawang besar
-bawang putih
-serbuk cili
-sos tomato
-serbuk kunyit
-kayu manis
-bunga cengkih
-buah pelaga

1.Blend bawang dan halia.
2.Gaul ayam dengan serbuk kunyit & garam dan goreng separa garing.
3.Tumis bahan yg diblend beserta serbuk cili, kayu manis, bunga cengkih dan buah pelaga.
4.Bila pecah minyak, masukkan sos tomato dan air sesuka hati.
5.Bila kuah agak pekat, tambah garam dan gula.
6.Masukkan ayam dan gaul rata beberapa minit dan angkat bila suka. :))


Healthy Care Booster Seat

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what's this? what's this? it for me?

This came last thusday. My parents bought it from TheLilCaliph. Thank you to abah and ibu who bought this great booster seat so that i can join them during meal time and having my own as well. But there is no seat as comfy as abah's or ibu's lap. Yours the best in the world.


A little early review for this seat:
-it's very light and can be folded so that i can bring during our picnic
-i like the colourful color
-3 height to adjust and i'm using the highest right now
-safety belt to restrict my movement :(
-2 seat straps allow to be attached to chair
-easy to clean if i mess up my food
-removable tray and lid and because of that ibu use it as laptop table
-as my toy as well since i dun have enough


Ikan Masak Lemak

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Ikan kembung masak lemak, ikan goreng, kucai masak kicap

Ikan kembung masak lemak

-ikan kembung
-bawang besar
-bawang putih
-kunyit hidup
-daun kunyit
-susu cair

1.Blend bawang, kunyit hidup dan cabai.
2.Panaskan di atas api bahan yg diblend tadi.
3.Masukkan serai yg dititik dan daun kunyit.
4.Tambah air sesuka hati.
5.Bila mendidih, masukkan ikan dan susu cair.
6.Bila mendidih, tambahkan garam secukup rasa.
7. Agak-agak dah masak tutup la api.

I'm not an expert but there is no right or wrong in cooking as long as boleh makan, tak sakit and hubby kata sedap. huahuahua..


My Strategy

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Hemo hemo hemo..

Yes, ibu..anything?


Anak Bertuahku

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Nazhan dah pandai buka tudung tuperware air and menyebabkan toto tempat lepak & guling2 kita basah. Baik punya ibu dok mengadap laptop, tiba2 terasa basah semacam aja. Dengan pantas ibu mengangkat anak bertuah itu, menolak mainan, laptop, remote control and hp ibu supaya tidak terjebak sama. Ibu ke dapur dan mengambil kain utk tujuan menyerap air tadi. Aiseyman, Nazhan berak la pulak. Boleh lepak aja tu xkasi sign kat ibu. Langkah seterusnya ibu pun mengendong superboy untuk dicuci bontotnya. Sesampainya kita ditempat kejadian tadi, ibu terpikir, air tumpahan tadi leh meresap ke carpet. Barulah ibu angkat toto itu dan dijemur disofa aja. Malas sungguh ibu nak keluar rumah. Mujur, carpet kita masih selamat untuk tujuan lepak dan guling2.